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Melanoma Symptom Stage 1 Image
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Melanoma Symptom Stage 3-4
Melanoma Symptom Stage 3-4
Stage 1
Sensitive, Irritated Redness
Stage 2
Sore, Raw,Iritated getting Worse
Stage 3-4
Darkens, Grows, Hard in Areas, Growing at Skin Level and Inward
Stage 4
Reaches 3 cm.+ in siize. Reaches Lymph Nodes
The 4 stages often  progress rapidly,  within weeks.

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 Prognosis :  Dictionary

" the likely course of a disease or ailment."

Melanoma skin cancer can be identified as:

Stage 1 -  Irritated Skin Sore , Has not spread and if the irritation has begun to form a lump its less   than 1mm thick.
                The American Cancer Society claims 95-97% survival rate.

Stage 2 -   Open Sore not Healing, may have begun to grow or spread up to 2mm in thickness.
Surgery is most often recommended and possibly checking nearby lympthnoses to     confrim weather the
cancer has spread in addition to the viable area.
The American Cancer Society claims 70-80%  survival rate.

Stage 3     1-2 centimeters , growing under skin and to other areas including lymph nodes.
 Radiation and Chemo Therapy is often recommended at this stage.
4 0 to 78 percent. The 10-year survival rate ranges from 24 to 68 percent.

Stage 4   
3 centimeters +,  Has reached Lymph Nodes , nearby and distanced from visable sign.
Radiation and Chemo Therapy is often recommended at this stage.
According to the American Cancer Society survival rate is 15-20 %.

The Author: My own Stage 4 Melanoma had progressed to an advanced stage 4.  In 2007 it was  determined it was too far advanced  for known treatments which would only improve  life expectancy by 10%, but  was not advised given the weakend  imune system.

This was  fortunate for me because I began to research  alternative  treatment and  was shocked to recover fully the following month.   It so inspired  me to  make the information  available to others in a  ebooklet  : Saying No to Cancer

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