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Saying No to Cancer eBooklet
"How I recoverd from
Stage 4 within Weeks! "

In 40 years mainstream medicine claims to not have found a cure for cancer. They recommend "treatments" and surgery.  In 2008 when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma, with only a 10% chances of improvement , I was told medical mainstream was unable to offer further treatment with the risks involved outweighing potential benefits.

 I turned to the internet and was able to find many cures offered by alternative sources.  The cancer protocol I choose included the Budwig Protocol.  I adapted the protocol to factor changes in our air, water and nutrition.  So many changes negative changes have occurred to air, water and nutrition since the 1940's when the cure clinical trials were extremely successful. The medical mainstream not only ignores those results but the body's necessity for air, water and nutrition for wellness.   I found 4 aspects within my control to change. As a result I recovered from terminal stage 4 melanoma in weeks.

We wouldn't think of putting substitutes for water, oil or gas in our car engines, yet we do so, with our body's and then are dumb, to the impact, on our health.  I write about the details, my rapid cancer recovery, in Saying No to Cancer .  Its a booklet available to the public.  It's a response,  a promise to family members who died of cancer years ago. The promise was to share with others, should I learn of a cure for cancer.  I did indeed, overcoming Stage 4 Melanoma in weeks. The cure I choose is known best or highly recommended for terminal patients.  Statistics were , my chances were 17% survival , 24 months. As mentioned,  there are crucial steps I added to the Budwig protocol which I believe are essential. I was amazed,  as were my doctors at my speedy recovery.

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